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Purple Carrots

December 14th, 2016 Posted by Brunch, Entrees, Ingredient Showcase 0 thoughts on “Purple Carrots”

So come to find out that carrots use to be purple. The Dutch in the 16th century, mutated them to be orange. They love orange. I love orange. Am I dutch? Don’t think so, but I love purple also. They look and taste great. So when the dutch were cultivating them, strains of white and yellow carrots would pop up occasionally. They took these mutated ones and got them busy with the purple and BAM!!! Orange carrots.


Some think that the reason the orange carrot became so popular in the Netherlands was in tribute to the emblem of the House of Orange and the struggle for Dutch independence.


We got some purple carrots from Victory FarmsĀ . Wanna find out what these tasty lil freaks are like? Come on in to The Betty.